What is Safe to Eat After a Frenectomy?

If your child has been recommended for a frenectomy, you may be wondering how the recovery process will go, and what your child will be able to eat. A Frenectomy is a simple procedure that is done to help restore the movement of both the tongue and mouth. Frenectomies can correct both tongue-ties and lip-ties, and help with speech, eating, sleeping, and dental health.

A frenectomy is relatively quick and can be done in our office. During the procedure the lingual frenulum, or tissue underneath the tongue is gently lasered away. This restores movement with minimal bleeding and recovery. During the healing process parents must help to stretch that area to ensure the tissue does not grow back tightly again. Speech therapy may be recommended to ensure the very best results.

At Castle Hills Pediatric Dentistry our doctor has years of experience in treating tongue and lip-ties, and we always provide the very best care. Quality care you can trust is important, and our team works to make families feel welcome and part of our dental family. Castle Hills Pediatric Dentistry is the preferred pediatric dentist in Carrollton, and we love to welcome new patients to our practice.

What Can My Child Eat After the Procedure?

After a frenectomy our staff will discuss what your child should eat when they return home to help with the healing process. We recommend patients follow a soft food diet and stay away from very hot foods. Some soft foods that are acceptable are applesauce, Jell-O, or pudding. As the area heals and the numbing wears off patients can begin to introduce solid foods again. We ask that parents try and help their child keep the food away from the surgical area while eating.

In order to ensure the healing process goes smoothly we recommend that parents follow our guidelines. This also helps to avoid any complications after the procedure. At Castle Hills Pediatric Dentistry our doctor and staff are here to answer any questions or concerns you have about the process. During recovery if your child has any prolonged pain, or symptoms you are concerned about, we recommend you contact our office right away.

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