Dental Exams & Cleanings

What are dental exams & cleanings?

At Castle Hills Pediatric Dentistry, Dr. Simi Abraham will discuss the overall health, growth and development of your child. She will perform a detailed examination of their mouth and associated structures, assess growth and development of jaw bones, teeth and gums. She will inquire about any of your concerns and X-rays may be taken to check for cavities, development of teeth and jaw bone. Your child’s teeth will receive a detailed cleaning, a procedure called prophylaxis. The term dental prophylaxis is the techniques to professionally remove plaque, stain, and calculus (tartar) from patients’ teeth. Removing plaque, stain, calculus, and the factors that influence their buildup increases the probability of good oral health. Patients who exhibit higher risk for developing cavities and/or periodontal (gum) disease should have recall visits more frequently than every six months.

Why are dental exams & cleanings needed?

Regular dental exams are important for the health of your child’s teeth and associated structures. Good oral health will have positive effects on the health of the rest of their body. Oral issues can be minimized as they grow older. Certain illnesses can affect the health of their mouth. Regular dental exams will catch negative effects that can be in process. Regular teeth cleanings protect their teeth from decay and gums from disease.

What makes your child a good candidate for dental exams & cleanings?

Everyone should have a dental exam and their teeth cleaned at least once or twice a year. If your child is at high risk of dental disease, he/she may need to visit the dentist more often. Children suffering from certain illnesses or are on medications known to have a negative impact on oral health are at a higher risk of dental problems.

What happens during dental exams & cleanings?

Dr. Abraham will do clinical oral exam, assess the oral growth and development, obtain necessary x rays, provide age appropriate anticipatory guidance, dietary counseling, oral habit counseling, injury prevention counseling, and oral hygiene instructions. Oral cancer screening will be performed and teeth will receive thorough cleaning. Fluoride application may be done based on individual needs.

If your children are in need of a dental exam and cleaning, or you would like to inquire more about this procedure, please call our pediatric dental office in Carrollton, TX today and one of our helpful staff members will be happy to assist you.

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