Special Care Dentistry

What is special care dentistry?

Children and teen with special care heath needs may find it difficult to receive the dental care they need and deserve. We are highly trained and experienced when it comes to working with children who have special needs. Our goal is to provide your child with a relaxed, comfortable experience in an environment that is able to accommodate them. We work with kids of all ages and who have a variety of different medical and health needs.

Why might special care dentistry be needed?

Many dentists are reluctant and/or not prepared to treat children with special care health needs due to the complexity of their medical conditions, patient behavior, and the dentists’ inadequate training and experience. It can sometimes be difficult for children with special needs to receive the dental care that they need. Pediatric dentistry is the only specialty that receives formal training in behavioral management techniques.

Dr Abraham has additional one year training in just special needs dentistry after her pediatric dentistry training. She recognizes that providing oral health care to individuals with special health care needs is an integral part of her practice. Individuals with special needs have greater dental needs and at high risk of developing dental and oral diseases. This is why we want to see our children with special needs for routine dental care. We can provide them with preventative, restorative, cosmetic and even surgical care as needed.

Indications for special care dentistry

If your child has a disability of any kind that is preventing them from sitting still or being able to receive care, we welcome you to come into our office. Special care dentistry allows these children to finally receive the care that they want and need. We can accommodate kids of varying needs so that your whole family can benefit from coming into our office.

What happens during the visit?

The first appointment is all about knowing your child and their unique needs. We will do everything we possibly can to accommodate them in our office. Some children may need multiple visits to get used to the dental office setting and be cooperative for exam and cleaning. Based on your child’s ability we will perform exam and cleaning. X rays are obtained as needed and will address any issues. Dr Abraham and her team will provide appropriate oral hygiene instructions, dietary counselling and recommend the frequency of recall visit needed for your child so that we can help to keep their teeth healthy and strong. 

 If your child has special needs and requires dental care, call us today so that we can get them in as soon as possible. 

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