Dental Sealants

What are Sealants?

Sealants are thin, clear protective coverings that can be applied to the back teeth. They are meant to prevent cavities and deep staining that would otherwise occur if they weren't in place. The beauty about sealants is that they're ideal both for pediatric patients as well as adult patients alike. Most sealants have the ability to last for up to three years before they naturally wear away.

Why might your child benefit from Sealants?

Back teeth, especially permanent molars have grooves, deep fissures, and pits. Food particles can get stuck on to these pits and fissures making it difficult to keep the teeth clean. Likewise, these areas can become deeply stained over time and be more susceptible to tooth decay.

What makes a person a candidate for Sealants?

With the help of a thorough examination, we will be able to determine if sealants are right for your child. Sealants are great  for  reducing the incidence of cavities on the chewing surface of primary and permanent molars in children and adolescents.  If your child has an older sealant, we can replace them easily in our office at your own convenience. Sealants wear away naturally in roughly one to three years after initial application.

What happens during the Sealant procedure?

The sealant procedure is quick, simple and done within minutes in our office. We use a special mouthpiece to isolate the teeth from saliva and other parts of the mouth. The teeth will be cleaned and dried. A clear liquid material is then brushed over the pits and fissures. These sealants are then dried and cured with a bright light. The process is then repeated for any other back teeth that need this type of protection. It is important that your child still brush and floss their teeth normally, since sealants do not protect the front teeth or between the back teeth after they have been placed in our office.

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